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Operation Taghoy Medical Mission 2009
took place from February 23 to 26 at the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbukon Memorial Hospital.  Some of the STAC beneficiaries from all over Aklan were given the chance to avail of this once in a lifetime free treatment.  One beneficiary from Kalibo - Dave Matthew Vidal, was one of the lucky kid to be chosen to undergo the cleft palate surgery.  Dave is currently recuperating and we have started to MAKE HIS DREAMS REAL!  Thanks to Rotary too!


STAC Physical Therapist, JOANNA TAY - MEREN was helping immensely at the Speech Therapy Table, screening the extent of speech defect among these children with cleft lip / palate.  Some translations were also made between the Speech Therapists from Colorado and Aklanon patients to make assessment and evaluation easier and clearly understood.

STAC Kalibo

Mr. Matt Monro Jnr

STAC Kalibo is very proud to present Mr. Matt Monro Jnr, first ever live international concert in the province of Aklan on April 18, 2009.  A fundraising concert for the benefit of the children with disabilities of STAC.  the concert was held at the Augusto B. Legaspi Sports Complex, Capitol Site, Kalibo, Aklan.

The said concert did not only feature the great international artist but also the singing sensations of STAC!  Yes, the selected children with disabilities themselves.  The kids performed at their best during the concert night.  we wanted to show the world that "we have the ability inspite of the disability."  The kids rendered 6 songs throughout the night.  Among the performers were Ceza Veloria, Patrick Lorenzo, Jerry Balagtas, Jason & James Sta. Cruz, Kyle Trinidad, Mary Joy dela Cruz, Jezel Ann Pama, Vivian Aldea and Ayna Laserna. 

The night was filled with realizations of God's blessings, of the wonders of life and of the beauty of God's unique creations.  Matt Monro Jnr was given a standing ovation as he finished singing "Impossible Dream" as his last song.

STAC children at the Matt Monro Jnr Concert

STAC Kalibo marked the first ever "mini-concert" of the Children with Disablities during the live International Concert of Mr. Matt Monro Jnr on April 18, 2009 at the ABL Sports Complex, Kalibo, Aklan.  Instead of hiring a front act band, we made it a point to let the children perform and showcase their talents.  Since, STAC is the concert beneficiary, it added more meaning to the night's event.

A short program was presented and that started with an Invocation (Amay Namon) sung by Cezar Veloria, A STAC beneficiary with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a welcome remarks form the concert coordinator, Ms. Megs Lunn, a song number - Bituing walang ningning rendered by the selected STAC girls then followed.  A short powerpoint presentation presented by Ms. Joanna Tay - Meren, STACenter PT, was shown to introduce to the audience the STAC program. Inspiring messages were then given by Hon. Mary Jane Rebaldo in lieu of the Hon. Mayor Raymar Rebaldo and also from the Hon. Governor Carlito S. Marquez.  Two solo song numbers were given by Patrick Lorenzo, STAC beneficiary with Autism who sung a Matt Monro version of Be My Lady and Cezar Veloria who sung a Gary Valenciano hit - Natutulog ba ang Dyos?  Selected STAC boys also performed the latest telenovela hit song - May Bukas Pa. A Manila visitor with Down's syndrome entertained the audience with a hip hop dance.  The finale of the program is the choral rendition of Hawak Kamay by the selected STAC kids.

Before the program ended, a gratitude speech was given by the STAC Program Coordinator / Center Physical Therapist Ms. Joanna Tay - Meren, PTRP.

Matt Monro Jnr visits the STACenter Kalibo

Mr. Matt Monro Jnr visited the STACenter on March 15, 2009 during his Promo Tour in Kalibo and Mall tour at the Royal Supermart.  Part of his itinerary is a stop-over at the concert beneficiary center.  He was able to visit the unfinished proposed STAC bulding at the Bliss Site, Kalibo, Aklan.  He also spent the afternoon with the STAC kids, took time knowing them, more pictorials, and autograph signing.Around 45 children with disabilites along with their families came to welcome him at the STACenter.  It was such a beautiful day of caring and sharing.  We are lucky to be chosen as the concert beneficiary!  Thank you so much Mr. Matt Monro Jnr. May the good Lord bless your loving heart.

STAC Celebrates NDPR Week at the Sampaguita Gardens

We are very lucky to be chosen by the Sampaguita Gardens management and Ms. Nina Candelario as one of the beneficiary of an afternoon of fun in the sun!  Some 50 children were brought to the Sampaguita Gardens last July 8, 2009 for their social rehabilitation and exposure trip.  The kids enjoyed the kiddie rides, over and again, the food prepared for us, the tour around the place.  More pictorials for those who came for the first time.  It was indeed an unforgettable experience for all of us to be there and have so much fun.  Kids were really amazed of the carousel, mini train and other facinating stuff around the Sampaguits Gardens!  Thank you so much dear sponsors!

STAC NDPR Celebration 2009

In line with the celebration this July of the NDPR week, STAC Kalibo held it's regular hydrotherapy session at the Frog's Hallow, Malogo, New Washington, Aklan.  40 STAC beneficiaries were present together with their parents.  The children enjoyed the fun filled morning at the pool having their water exercises and the nutritious lunch served to them courtesy of some donors with a loving heart for children with special needs. Thank to Rtn. Zamie Britnell for lovingly sharing with us your beautiful and child friendly place. Until our next visit!

NDPR 2009 Celebration

In celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation NDPR week, STAC Kalibo was able to organize an event for STAC beneficiaries and their families.  The event was well attended by 47 STAC beneficiaries held on July 25, 2009 at the Mezzanine Bar and Restaurant.  It was an afternoon of sharing and caring.  Sharing the meal prepared for the kids, and caring for these kids means educating their parents too.  Thus, we also had parents training on that same day and to top it all, a surprise free medical check up and pedia medicines.  We are so glad to have with us Hon. Mark V. Quimpo, who brought along with him his family and some kiddie medicines as well.  Special thanks also goes to our dear volunteer doctors / pediatricians namely, Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, Dr. Felma Dela Cruz and Dr. Merly Bautista who took time to be with us and shared their skills and expertise on this matter.   Our THANK YOU will never be enough to express our gratitude! And yes, every disabled child matters..."

August Birthday Celebration for STAC

August marks the birthday month of the STAC Program Coordinator and Center Physical Therapist, Joanna R. Tay - Meren, PTRP.  2009 marked the 3rd year birthday celebration with her most loved STAC community.  This year, like the previous years, she shared the celebration with other friends, also STAC benefactors - Mrs. Ning Lao Mayor and Msgr. Alex Menez and 6 other August STAC kids celebrants.  We were happy to see the ever supportive rotarians also present in the celebration namely, Pres. Joel Mercurio, Sec Raffy Tayco and PP Megs. 

This year seem to be much different than the previous years of celebration.  A lot of kids came to join the fun-filled afternoon.  70 children with disablities together with their parents and other siblings, and also some invited guests.  It was indeed a memorable children's party since they were entertained by various special numbers and surprises. Patrick, a child with Autism, entertained us with his own version of Ikaw na nga (popularized by Mr. Willie Revillame) and he really captured the audience applause and admiration.  MOC kids and Cezar Veloria sung the heart - warming STAC favorite - May Bukas Pa.  The STAC Barangay Health Workers showed their dancing talent and even our STAC staff Romeo Serrano (a deaf and mute himslef) joined the cha cha dance!  Talk about deaf dancing!  Simply amazing!  There can be miracles when you believe!  we were also inspired by our guest and also an august celebrant himself, Msgr. Alex by his stories on God's love to people with disablities. 

The clowns happily entertained the STAC kids, more fun games, prizes and surprises not only for kids but for moms and staff too!  We shared spaghetti, mini burgers, cupcakes, ice cream and a lot more. Not only these but the kids were given loot bags which contained pedia medicines - paracetamol and multivitamins and some lollies too. STAC parents brought home goodie bags with rice, canned goods. milk and sugar. 

Special thanks goes to the benefactors and supporters of STAC programs. Thank you so much for making a difference... for believing that every DISABLED CHILD matters...  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

STAC kids during the Kiddie Party. More photos on the STAC Birthday Album 2009

STAC Malinao Parents' Training 2009

Joanna R. Tay - Meren, PTRP giving her lecture
STAC Malinao (one of the satellite center of STAC Kalibo) had their 1st Parent's Training last September 2, 2009 at the Malinao Training Center, 2nd floor of Malinao Public Market.  35 parents came to attend the said event.  5 topics were given by 5 different professionals, the topics were based on their field of expertise.  A Physician, Dr. Harriet, a Dentist, Dr., a Lawyer, Atty. Igoy, a PT, Ms. Joanna Tay - Meren, PTRP, a school Principal, and a STAC parent.  An enriching experience for these parents and our Congratulations to STAC Malinao for a job well done!

Rotary Club District 3850 Governor visits STAC Kalibo

DG Edgar & Pres. Joel with STAC moms / kids
On September 11, 2009, Rotary Club DG Edgar "Diotay" Sy visited STACenter kalibo, STAC is one of Rotary Club of Kalibo's adopted project since RY 2008.  DG Edgar was accompanied with RCK's officers and members , Pres. Joel Mercurio, Sec. Raffy Tayco, PP Moore, PP Butoy to name a few.  20 STAC kids came to welcome DG Edgar and his entourage.  The visit was very memorable for the district governor as he was saddened by the reality that there are really a lot of handicap children in town and came from poor families.  The generous governor gave some financial help to selected STAC kids and pledged to donate a window type aircon to be used at the STACenter.  Thank you so much DG Edgar!  We wish you all the best and may God bless your generous heart!

STAC September Hydrotherapy

Back Stretching for Vivian's scoliosis
September 16 marked the Hydrotherapy day for the month of September.  35 Children came with their respective parents and carers. Hydrotherapy is one of the STAC programs that is being looked forward to by each and every STAC kid.  The kids had so much fun in the sun and the pool waters.  It seem like a summer day even if it's already rainy months.  Everyone enjoyed being in the water and their respective water exercises made them more comfortable and lively.  The kids' outing was made complete as STAC PA officers feed them with yummy spaghetti and bread.  For those possible donors out there... we are in need of hydrotherapy equipments and accessories like floatation devices, kickboards and other financial help to cover the transportation cost of every hydrotherapy session. More STAC Hydrotherapy photos on Hydrotherapy 2009 Album.

STAC Kalibo's 3rd Parents' Training Program

60 of the ever supportive and energetic STAC parents attended the 3rd Parents' Training Program on September 23, 2009 held at the Municipal Conference Hall, 3rd floor, Kalibo Municipal Hall, Kalibo, Aklan.  4 speakers shared their expertise to our dear STAC parents namely, STAC Kalibo's PT - Joanna Tay - Meren, PTRP, Rev. Fr. Kim Dela Cruz, Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, and Dr. Felma Dela Cruz.  Topics were as follows: Basic Handling of Children with Special Needs, Spiritual Talk, Parenting Children with Special Needs and Current Health Issues.  The parents were empowered and given the basics, they are truly guided in caring for their children with special needs. We are delighted to have with us our dear Mayor Raymar Rebaldo and we were indeed inspired of his message!  His very words.. "Bago matapos ro akon nga term, ihatod ko kamo sa baeay nga para kinyo..." and obviously, he is referring to the STAC building at the Bliss Site, Kalibo, Aklan. Construction will resume on October and expected to be complete in 3 months. 

Concurrent with the health talk given by Dra. Felma, 18 children had their free pediatric check-up with three volunteer pediatricians, Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, Dr. Tolentino and Dr. Palomar.  Free Pediatric check-up comes with free medicines too!  Lucky kiddos! Thank you doctors for making us one of your beneficiaries.  All we ask for is to keep the STAC children well and healthy.

3 volunteer pediatricians and the STAC beneficiaries

Cezar's Jollibee Party

Cezar the Birthday Boy!
Cezar Veloria is a 9 year old child born with a rare disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or Brittle Bone Disease.  He is the eldest of 3 and his sister Nina also has the same condition.  He comes from a poor family in Pinamuk-an.  Cesar is a smart kid, a consistent honor pupil and attends regular mainstream Grade 3 class at Pinamuk-an Elementary School in New Washington, Aklan.  He has an angelic singing voice that will really capture your listening ears.  He loves to sing and dance inspite of his physical limitations. 

Today, we celebrated Cezar's 9th birthday - a BIG surprise to him as this is a wish come true for this child... to celebrate his BIRTHDAY at JOLLIBEE!  This wonderful event was made possible by our STAC benefactor and Cezar's sponsor, Ms. Megs Lunn.  Thank you Ma'am Megs! 

The Jollibee party is full of FIRSTs for Cezar.  1ST JOLLIBEE PARTY, 1ST BIRTHDAY CAKE with CANDLES to blow, 1ST TIME at JOLLIBEE GAISANO, 1ST time to distribute LOOT BAGS to guests, and 1st time to SEE JOLLIBEE Mascot moving and entertaining (he was shocked upon seeing jollibee in motion!)

We were entertained by Jollibee party crew and surprise song numbers from Patrick (a child with Autism), and Cesar himself! Everyone enjoyed the yummy Jolly spaghetti, fries, sundae and soda.  Our stomach were filled but nothing can be more fulfilling than seeing the true happiness on Cezar's innocent eyes. 

Though we had some crying moments before the party ended, those were tears of real joy and happiness from the hearts of Cezar and his mother.  To Cezar, we wish you good health, a happy life and a wonderful family!  We love you!

Cezar with the STAC Community. More photos on Cezar's Album page.